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Sunday, Oct 29, 2017

Hello Springdale Family, 

Hope all is well on this Sunday eve.
Please take the time to read this IMPORTANT message.  

It is imperative that members using the SARC grounds (play area, volleyball and tennis) that you DO NOT prop the gate open.  This is for the safety of our members and the maintenance of our club.  We leave the club vulnerable on many levels and a locked gate can help mitigate some of this.

It is the responsibility of all SARC members using the grounds area to; 
  • keep gate locked at all times
  • make sure restroom lights are out & doors are locked when leaving SARC grounds
  • make sure that tennis lights, volleyball light & pavilion lights are turned out when leaving SARC grounds
  • pickup all trash and properly dispose of it before leaving SARC grounds

Tennis team captains, pickup volleyball coordinators, playgroup coordinators please make time arrangements to meet opposing team captains/teams or groups at the gate to allow access.  Maybe it's helpful that all SARC teams or pickup/play groups have a SARC member "gate keeper" per match or meetup day?  Please figure something out with your groups and please help mind the gate and the facilities.  

If you have questions, suggestions or comments please direct them to:

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