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Updates from Coach Michael...

Communication 10/1/2017

Hello SARC Tennis!

- JTT results

- New session classes

- Offerings

JTT had a great weekend and beautiful tennis weather…

10UA won vs RRC 4-0

10UB won vs Hasentree 3-1

14US won vs Ebony  5-4

12UI won vs BC 5-4

12UB lost vs Millbrook 5-4

8U lost vs Millbrook 9-0

8U Yellow won vs 7 Oaks 7-2

Final schedule- session starts this Monday 10/2-11/10

payment is due at first class in full, payable to Michael Oladele. 10/31 is prorated and no class.

9/10 yr old Mondays 530p $72  Confirmed Isabella Barna, Emma Teeter, Megan Sazani, Rachel Proctor, Karisa B, Lillian F, Margaret F

Young youth 30 min class Weds 6-630p $36 Class confirmed and closed

Sam Clayton, Veda Capps, Andrew Hymiller, Becca Yanek, Dolan King, Aiden Council, Brayden Max, Ellie Woodbury

Adult beginner Thurs 815p $72/nonmember $84  Class confirmed and closed  Nicole Kreiser, Kate Blatt, Alisa F. de Castro, Jennifer Clayton, Kristy Helms, Rob Rauth, Lauren Stanziale*, Karen Sazani*

If * after your name, pay for 5 clinics $60 due to rain make up last session


 Tues 430p 9/10 yr old  $60  Confirmed Gigi, Samantha, Katie, Charlotte

Adult beginner Tuesday 815p $60 Confirmed and closed

Emily Hales, Ellina Max, Alisa F de Castro, Melissa Yanek*, Monica Gardner, Kelly Capps, Emily Erickson*, Lauren Koenig

*attend make up 10/5

Adult Inter Tuesdays 7p this will start week of 10/2, no delay as previously mentioned $60 Class confirmed and closed

 Lauren King, Ed Stempien, Francis Hymiller, Eleana Council, Allie Demacy, Emily Goatcher, Kristen Rauth, Darsan Russo, Stacie White

The fall tennis season is just about over, now is a good time to work on your game and fine tune your technique before spring season starts.

Private lessons…3 pk one hour $135, 5 pk one hour $220.  Also 85 days til Christmas- new racquet/shoes/gift certificate for lessons, shop early and be done!

Michael Oladele PTR High Performance: Professional PTR Adult Development: Professional michaeloladele4@gmail.com



Court Report from the Tennis Coordinator...


Tennis Social--  Make plans to join us for our next adult only tennis social on Saturday, October 21st beginning at 7:30.
Please RSVP to Nikki Allen at snicholeallen@gmail.com by October 13th at 5:00 p.m. if you plan to attend.
Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share.
Balls, beer and wine will be provided.

David's Winter Spectacular-- 

It's time to sign-up for David's Winter Spectacular for Winter 2017-2018.

We are going back to a doubles format only this year, so here are the rules:

  1. There will be a men's 3.0 division and a men's 3.5 division
  2. We will start roughly the first week of November and run until the first week of February, with a self-scheduled match each week, except the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas
  3. You schedule your own match each week with your opponents, there is no set day of week or time.
  4. Matches can be pre-played or post-played, but all matches must be complete by Sunday, February 11th
  5. The Sunday before the Springdale Open (hopefully) we will have the championship round for each division
  6. You will choose a partner before the season begins and have the same partner the whole season
  7. The season will consist of 8-10 matches
  8. Top 2 teams in each division will advance to the championship round

(Note, the springdalematch web-site will still be available all winter for rec play)

I'll be updating the springdalematch2.herokuapp.com website, but for now, please signup on this google sheet:


if I've missed a 3.0 or 3.5, please forward this email to them.

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