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Tennis Committee, Rules and Team Formation
Springdale Area Recreation Club (SARC) tennis program is dedicated to promote the game of tennis, as well as the development of tennis programs and events for youth through adult.


The SARC tennis program intends to offer recreational and competitive tennis play in a social atmosphere of friendship, encouragement, and respect, as well as offering skilled coaching for all members, regardless of age, ability or background.


The SARC tennis program holds the following points as strategic goals, either in support of programs already in place or for future planning.


  • Utilize a SARC Tennis Committee made up of representative individuals of all levels of competitive tennis (tennis levels represented in the SARC community) as well as a representative for recreational and youth players. The purpose of this committee is to advise and assist the Tennis Chair in supporting the mission of the tennis program by enhancing communication among the SARC community, provide suggestions and encourage a positive SARC community.
Programs and Services:
  • Provide competitive outlets for all interested members as well as provide opportunities for all members to play and learn tennis within a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Encourage the tennis community to volunteer as active members in running the operations of SARC.
Planning and Evaluation:
  • Facilitate opportunities for people to develop their tennis skills and to progress within the sport.
  • Work with the tennis chair in advising a proposed tennis budget which will appropriately support the tennis program and its growth within the SARC budget.
  • Advise and recommend to the tennis chair processes and procedures that assist the tennis community in fair, clear communication channels that will assist in the development of competitive teams, ensure the goals of the tennis program, reflect the opinions and attitudes of its members and assist in allowing an environment that supports realistic, positive future planning.


Tennis Policies and Procedures


Tennis Team Formation


Current Committee Members:

Tennis Coordinator

Lauren King laurenking31@gmail.com


4.5 Bob Millikan bmillikan@sterling-capital.com
4.0 Frank Allison frankdavisallison@gmail.com
3.5 Cody Sutler codyks001@gmail.com
3.0 Rick Lowe jrlowephoto@gmail.com


4.0 Sandy Rhoades knlrhoades@gmail.com
3.5 Denise Lange Denise.Lange@sas.com
3.0 April Bazin  bazinapril@gmail.com
2.5 Stephanie King  stef_king@yahoo.com

Youth Rep

Tori Sutler  – SpringdaleJTT@gmail.com

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